COVID-19 BULLETIN – Urbanlife Management Ltd.

Both the Owners of the properties and Urbanlife Management Ltd. are committed to the safety of all Team Members, Tenants and Trades People during this difficult time.   We are therefore implementing the following procedures to limit the spread of Covid-19 throughout the properties.

Effective Immediately

  1. Anyone who is Self Isolating OR Symptomatic OR Diagnosed with Covid-19 must notify Urbanlife's office immediately. In addition, you are prohibited from entering any of our offices and approaching any of our Team Members including maintenance personnel.
  2. To minimize direct contact with our Team Members we request that you utilize e-mail and telephone to connect with us whenever possible.Social distancing will be mandatory when attending site offices or otherwise interacting with Team Members and Trades People. 
  3. Rental Payments:It is important for Tenants to continue to pay their rent during this crisis.  Tenants rely on their Landlord to provide safe and clean buildings and common areas.  Those tasks take work and cost dollars.  By continuing to pay your rent on time you will help to keep the buildings you live in operating normally under the circumstances.
  • All tenants are encouraged to use our on-line payment method through "RENTMOOLA.COM."
  • If you pay by cheque or money order, you will need to deposit your rent into the provided mail slot at the Rental Office in your area.
  • If you usually pay by Debit please be aware that we may be operating reduced hours.Please check the website for up to date hours information.
  • Concerned about your ability to pay your rent?
    • Both the Federal and Provincial Governments have announced help for those of you that are facing tough financial positions due to layoffs, decreased hours etc.Please refer to the appropriate government websites for question and possible application.
    • Should you encounter issues paying your rent in a timely manner please contact your building manager directly to make suitable arrangements.
    • We have suspended all non-essential maintenance repairs that require entry into occupied suites.Please make note of non-essential issues i.e.drippy taps, loose interior door handles, etc. and report these non-essential repairs to your site office once this crisis has passed.  Please do not flush Kleenex, wipes, paper towel etc. down your toilet.  These items can clog your toilet resulting in expensive repair costs to you.  Only toilet paper is designed to break apart and be plumbing friendly. 
  • We will endeavor to provide emergency and necessary maintenance in your suite such as floods, sewer back-ups, no heat, etc.If you are uncertain as to the severity of your maintenance concern, please contact your site office for clarification.We would prefer that you not be at home when maintenance is attending to your suite.If this is not possible, we will require all occupants to be in a separate closed room of the suite while the work is performed.  
  1.   If you are self-isolating or under mandatory quarantine under the guidelines of Canada Health you must remain in your suite.  This includes no access to common areas including mail, laundry etc.  If you require assistance, please reach out to friends and family for assistance.  Only emergency maintenance work can be completed during the isolation or quarantine period.  Please inform us of your situation when making your request so that we may be best prepared to safely enter your suite to deal with your building emergency in a timely manner.

We understand the importance of maintaining a sense of normalcy while trying to lessen the spread of COVID-19. We will continue to offer the best service possible to all of our Tenants. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our office to speak directly with one of our Team members.

We thank you for your cooperation and appreciate your patience during this difficult period.

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